High-Speed Internet in VB?


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Can anyone tell me what the options are for interent in VB? Are you all using dial-ups or is DSL or Cable Modem service available? I know they have T1's on campus, but what about in off-campus residences? Thanks. See you all Sept 3.

I'm using dial-up, because I am a poor FlightSafety student. DSL is available in some areas, depending on how far you live from a switching station, I'm told. There is not any cable yet.

Naut is right. I live on-campus and use Dial-Up b/c DSL is the only other opttion for the low price of $60/month. Cable modem is no where to be found here.
Hey Guy's,

Based on what I looked into, there is a high speed cable connection with the local phone company, which is bellsouth.

But at $70 a mouth, that's expensive in my book, you are better off with a DLS connection, which would run about
$45 and change.

Besides for expanded bandwith, speed wise (Cable is faster) but DSL is just as fast, to be honest you wont even know the differance and I had both, currently using DSL.

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Depends on the service. I had Verizon DSL and it was absolutely NO faster than dial up. I have also had some pretty slow cable connections. Of course that was in a very populated area so the number of users could have slowed it down considerably.
How about an apartment with 2 roommates, a router, and split the cost 3 ways? That's what I am doing right now, and intend to do when I move to VRB. It's my router too, so it comes with me.

What type of router do you have.? I have a cisco 5400 series
at home and it's setup. but that will definitely work out in a the long run.

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Not much /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif

It's an SMC Barricade wireless broadband router, 7004ABR. I didn't need or want to deal with a more complex router just for home. Works pretty well-we all have laptops and use 802.11. The router is woefully slow, and 802.11 is only 11Mbps, but when it's fed by a 400k DSL connection, it doesn't matter. Having a print server is nice too.
The cable/DSL thing is a huge PITA. Every apartment complex I talked to listed that they had it on their ads. But, when you actually talk to the rep they hit you with, "well, not yet, but ______ promises that if we get enough people to call then we'll get it. We've only been trying for a year." /ubbthreads/images/icons/ooo.gif

My advice, if it's really important to you, call the actual company and ask them.