hi everyone

Well here I am. I have been looking at this website for a long time and finally I registered. My whole life I have wanted to be a pilot. Fly anywhere or anything, that is my dream. I spend most of my days in school daydreaming about fying, different cities, planes, airlines. It's like im addicted to this. Anything relevant to flying like books, movies, I have to look at. Anyway, I am 16 now and seriously am looking at different ways to "make it". I know im going to fly for a living when I grow up so........I need to be realistic and get there. Some options I have are: while going to collage, enlist in the air national guard, go there 1 weekend a month and like refuel airplanes or somthing while earning a little bit of money, when I finish collage, enlist/apply into the flight training, finish flight traing and get assinghnment, somewhat work up my hours/ratings, possibly get a job as a CFI or something. When I have enough time, begin applying to the regionals and eventually get hired. From this point I think ill be in good shape for the rest of my life and eventually make it to a major carrier. I am willing to move anywhere, fly any hours or aircraft, and ill be doing this while im young. To me, going through the "pipeline" is all part of the adventure and makes it even sweeter when your gettin paid $100k a year to fly an A320. Of course I havnt really expierienced much yet so........ But anyway thats kinda the blueprint. All subject to change. All input and help for me greatly appriciated. Im very, very enthusiastic about flying and wouldnt do anything else with my life. I really am hoping to use this source to the best of my advantage, I know with your help Im going to make it. (or at least tell me that)!

Also, Doug, Thankyou for making this website. I come here everyday. to check stuff. (put up some pics of cvg) I live in cincinnati and im sure your here alot, so I want to use all the help I can get. You already have been a huge help and inspiration to me. Thank you.

Also thanx to everyone for just being here and sharing interests. I know you guys talk it and walk it. I mean you really know your stuff.
CVG eh? What high school you at? I graduated from Centerville up in Dayton.
When I was 16 I thought the peak of my aviation career would be a Learjet pilot...never thought I'd make the airlines cause of my vision. I was 20/200 correctable to 20/20. I recently found an old paper I wrote for some class in high school that was about where I'd be in 20 years. Damn...20 years went by fast....actually 25...but it was cool reading what I wrote at that time and seeing that I made it farther than I ever thought possible. We didn't have the internet back then, and I didn't know any airline pilots, so the airline business was a complete mystery. Jetcareers is truly a Godsend for the young wannabe pilot.