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Hello Jetcareers Members,

My name Jai Pagare resides in India. I'm coming to America for my CPL + CFI training on April 15th 2009. It's my childhood dream to be a Pilot, n so I'm here. Basically I'm an Computer Engineer and had been to USA once for 3 months in Chicago land area. I've many such queries, which I guess will be good if discussed here.

1. Which school should I select? 1. Jet university or 2. Careerpilotschool. Or suggest me other schools from which you guyz have got your CPL done.
2. Any chance of getting recruited as Flight Instructor after 300hrs completed? So I can log more hours in my logs books. Any suggestions?

I've many others queries too, but do let me know, if it's all fine.. I can post here please?


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Hi Jai! Welcome to JetCareers. There are some pretty strong opinions about Jet University here. I'm sure you can dig up wealth of information if you search their name here.

I did my training at ATP, but from what I understand they are not an option as you must be a US citizen to train there. Good luck with your training!
I don't think there would be a problem getting a CFI job at 300 hours especially if you get it where you finished your training. Usually most schools hire internally from what I know.

Unless you have the legal right to work in the US, you should look at schools that are authorized to sponsor J-1 student visas, as opposed to the M-1 which is what a lot of schools do. The J-1 allows you to work for up to 2 years (I believe) in the field of your studies to help build your experience, so in your case working as a CFI would be allowed, whilst working in a shop or bar would not. There are a few schools in Florida (and a few others) that issue J-1 visas, http://www.pea.com/, http://www.flyeft.com/, http://www.flightsafetyacademy.com/, http://www.deltaconnectionacademy.com/programs/international.aspx, http://www.pelican-airways.com/new/diploma_programs.htm, http://www.hillsboro-aviation.com/FlightTraining/Airplane/International/j1_visa.aspx.

I'm not necessarily recommending any of these schools, they just happen to issue to J-1 visas. Apparently the government is doing away with the J-1 in the near future, so you probably want to act quickly.

If, on the other hand, you have the right to live and work here (green card) then your options are much better.

Good luck.