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I work over at elliot aviation at quad city (MLI).

We had one of your planes strike one of our fuel trucks the other day. Did you hear about it.

I heard both pilots were watching the left trying to get clear another plane. but caught the ladder of our fuel truck with the last 3-4 inches of the wing tip.

All that really looked hurt was the light and the medal just right behind it.

I thought Id just ask again in case you didnt see it.

It is just about fixed now. They just need to put the wing tip lights and aileron back on. Thats just a visual guess though.

I didn't hear anything of it. I'll bet Larry Gross is having a kniption fit about that right now.

Someone, very shortly, is going to be transfered into Aviation Management for their misdeed.
I know the incident you're referring to - it was a King Air correct??? If it wsa the King Air it didn't exaclty happen that way - the PIC asked the student in the right sight if they were going to be clear of the fuel truck and he answered 'yes'. Really wasn't much damage in the grand scheme of things but it did require replacing the wing tip and part of the boot.

yeah it was a king air. Elliot aviations a big company and I got there a couple hours it happend so you know how it could have changed by the time it got to me.

How do you know about it. Do you work there to or do you work for purdue.

That really sucks. I had just washed that plane the day before.

If you look at the pictures they only got the last three inches of the wing, and clipped the ladder on the back of the fuel truck. It wouldnt be hitting it that made me mad but being that close to missing it. Not that not hitting it at all wouldnt be better though.

I hope know one got in too much trouble for it. The plane has been here for about two weeks I think.


650Capt - First - to make it clear - it wasn't me and second - if you're saying what I think you are - I couldn't agree more! When I'm in the left seat - or even the right - last thing before I do is take a look at the wing and make sure I can get out if there is anything even remotley near to me!

Hey Jason
I know it wasn't you, and we do agree.
Do you work for the EJ management? I did a little work for them through a third party as a Cpt. on a BE-200.
If it was King Air, then there only a few Captains at Purdue that fly them.

Let's just hope Mitch wasn't the captain, if he was I feel really bad for that student. From what I hear he isn't the best guy to fly with on the best of days and if I damaged one of the King Airs on his watch I'd want to find the biggest rock I could find and hide under it and never come out.
Hey everybody--

Ya'll know about using shadows to help determine if you've got wingtip clearance, right? If anybody doesn't, pipe up or PM me. There's no excuse for taxiing into stationary objects.
I've been thinkng about it for a few minutes now and I have no idea what you're talking about but sounds interesting - do explain!!