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I was skimming my news paper and there was an article about phoenix have an unusually hot july this year. 118 degrees!

Density altitude went down the crapper
. Im not good with hot weather and I get sick in the air when I get to hot. Id probly just pass out there, ha ha.


Heh, I always say that too. Then in the middle of January, when its -15 degrees, and I'm trying to dig my poor little truck out of a snow drift at 6am, one might get the impression that I have turret's syndrome!

I havent spent any great deal of time up north in the winter for the past two years, so this winter is going to be brutal!
Ha ha.

Yeah thats a typical winter around Iowa. You have to make sure you move your car before the plows come or theyll come by and that pile will freeze and there will be a rock hard wall of snow around your car.

I love driving in the snow. RWD is the best, until you get stuck.

I do not mind the heat unless I have things to do. A nice English summer's day is perfect - it is not too hot, not too cold, a few clouds, and the countryside looks awesome! Just to let you know take a taxi in London when it is really hot - the tube station get the worst of it.
Around here, we've gotten about 5 inches of snow in the past 3 years.... we celebrate when we get snow... it's like an omen or something.
Oh yeah tony, I would love that.

Im one of those crazy guys that like to try to venture out in that stuff.

I love the snow, too, and my little avatar is from a picture I had taken when I was at Winter Park.

But three feet of snow, and two feet in one event, is a wee bit too much. Especially with my car. One inch is too much for that car!
An inch of snow/ice/slush on the road is perfect for whackin' e-brakes! Cut the wheel, pull up the e-brake, blow it sideways... Good stuff.

It's a great way to scare the crap out of your mom, too!
screw ebrakes, I call those the pandsy's powerslide. A power slide is so much better and you dont slow down as much. Cant do it with a front wheel drive though. It is also easier to stop sliding from a power slide than an e-brake turn.

Just my opinion though.