Hey Doug, Need advice. (DFW)


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Low time comm. pilot/CFI in DFW looking for some kind of networking club to join. Any suggestions.

Most of my buds have gotten the mentor, right seat gigs at Simuflite and I will follow suit when I get the 1000 hrs. required. Just curious to see if you can point me in the right direction.


Besides here, I really don't know anyone in Dallas besides rancher-captains!
Thanks, for some reason, I thought you were based in the DFW area for a time. No problem.

Maybe someone in the local vicinity can help out.

well, he was based there for 4 years... but unless you live there - you really don't know much about the area at all, except around the airport and what hotel is better to stay at! haha
Yup, based in DFW for 4 years and never went east of the Drury south of the airport, and never north of the Grapevine Mills mall!

I've never been to Dallas OR Ft. Worth!
Hey now, its not that bad. I live just north of Grapevine Mills in Flower Mound. Most of the AA pilots live in Southlake or Colleyville (nice neighborhoods). I bet you have been to the Apple, know the FA's go there quite a bit.

Its not Scottsdale (you and your luxury lifestyle and all the great golfing), but there are a few places to see. Give it a chance next time.
I didn't intend to disrespect DFW. Just that whenever I flew there for work, I didn't have a car and go venturing out to the city. Whereever I've been has been within walking distance of the hotel I was staying during the commute.
Writing this one from DFW ... I LOVE it out here! I'm at the hotel in Grapevine, finishing up recurrent at Simuflite in the morning. I miss living out here and would move back in a heartbeat if I could ... minor little problem is that the job is in NC!

Doug, you're missing out around DFW ... you ever get a layover here there's a whole lot to see ... for a good chuckle go by Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas ... the conspiracy theorists always have their tables set up on the Grassy Knoll ... telling you all about why Oswald couldn't have done it himself! Entertaining for sure ... whether or not you believe it is another story ...

To answer your question, there's not a "known" networking club in DFW. However, I was just there doing some job hunting (I would love to move there, as I'm originally from there) and it looks very good. Get your CFI job, either ADS or Arlington, or anywhere and build up the hours. You'll meet lots of people and then when I come back in town in a few months we can talk strategy (for both of us). I'm probably going to go through ATP in Arlington in April or May, so I plan on being back.

Just as a side note, I was supposed to meet somebody from this board this weekend for help, but they ditched me. Go figure...they'll remain nameless, but know who they are. I hope you didn't have to work too much this weekend.