He's nekkid in the cotton patch!


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I just saw a little news blip on the tube where the cops got the chopper involved while they tried to catch the bad guy. Reminded me of a little experience I had a long time ago. Thought it might add a little humor.

One afternoon, back in the early eighties, I was in the office of the flying service and got a call from one of my customers. " Hello, T-Cart's Flying Service" I said, "T-Cart, He's in the cotton patch nekkid" Huh? "He's in the cotton patch nekkid" He was talking about three times the normal conversation speed and I didnt think I was hearing him correctly. I said "slow down and tell me again" What I thought I was hearing was correct. The guy was in the cotton patch "nekkid". OK, "Who's in the cotton patch 'nekkid"? He proceeded to tell me that he and his wife had returned home and surprised a burglar and he got away, but had ran off the road and had ran out into the cotton field.

Well, I knew what he called me for then, they couldnt flush the guy out and couldnt find him. I cranked up the old Cat and headed over there. When I got there I bet there were 50 or more cops and probably that many more "gawkers".

I circled a few times and sure enough, right there he laid. Nekkid. I buzzed him a couple of times and the cops came in and got him.

As they were walking him out of the field, he never took his eyes off of me as I circled above. I could tell he was pizzed. If I headed back to my place, he was going to know who flushed him. Back in those days within a 15 mile radius, there were probably 25 or so Ag Cats painted exactly alike. The lightbulb went off and I flew as straight a line as i could,,,right to my competitor's place.(He owed me a couple thousand and wasnt paying).

Anyway, Nothing ever happened. I guess the bad guy got out and just went on about his business and the competitor finally paid me my money.

Havent thought about this in years.


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Ha! Great story. I don't know why, but stories involving nekkid people are always great stories.


Great story! I think my favorite part is your quick thinking on flyng to your competitors! If we had quick thinking like that running the bailout this whole mess would be fixed in short order.

I also wonder why the guy was nekkid? Isn't a cotton patch kind of rough and thistley to tender areas?


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Ha , after I wrote that and slept on it last night I realized I didnt tell why he was "nekkid".:) He had his pants back on, but was carrying a dark colored shirt when they walked him back out. The cotton had been defoliated and was solid white colored. The shirt would have really stuck out like a sore thumb. Who says criminals dont use their heads. I need to proofread what I write sometimes.:eek:


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As a friedn of mine once told me. There's naked and there's nekkid. Be naked is simply going without your clothes. Being nekkid is going without your clothes and being up to something.


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That sounds like some of the stories my grandpa used to tell me about life on the railroad, just of course involving trains instead of airplanes, obviously. He had some good ones.

Thanks for sharing! :)