Here goes the neighborhood


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N.D. board dumps UND nickname, logo unless tribes support by Oct. 1

Not pleased by this decision one bit. So sick of a vocal minority getting their way, The NCAA pushing their political views and the state of ND not supporting their residents and UND students/Alumni opinions.

Most of you probably don't care about this as you are trying to find the quickest route out of the state after finals. It's highway 2 by the way. For the few of you that care about the Fighting Sioux athletics this is meant for you.

The way i see it is that if we can't get both tribal councils to support us i support no nickname at all. Instead of forcing a new nickname and coming up with something stupid like the Freeze, Tundra or Pompous Airplane Drivers.

I am trying to get this idea out to a few people so that the 9 students that don't like the Sioux name don't speak for the other 12,000

Not that they were in line to get any money soon, but I now have a valid excuse to tell them no when they call me looking for donations.
So, next season at the Ralph will we yell "TEAM FORMERLY KNOWN AS SIOUX YEAH YEAH" from the student section?