Helping a friend become a FA


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I have a friend who wants to become a FA. She is in college part time and works retail full time. Any flight attendants in here that can help me out would be nice. Oh and when I told her I want to be a pilot she mentioned how that would be perfect! :)
If you want, PM me any questions she has and I'd be happy to try to answer them for you! :)
Seriously, though. Somebody was telling me about some flight attendants they knew who started their careers in college (this was before the big online school revolution). Is that even possible? The only way I could think is if they were able to bid redeyes all of the time...
Some F/As I knew at Eagle were in school. They would arrange their classes so they only had to go Mon-Thurs or other such scheds, and then bid trips to work around that. Dropping/Swapping/Picking up every month to make it work. Seemed like a hell of a lot of effort to me... but they did it.
My fiance was a FA for QX. This lasted for about 4 months before she couldn't take it anymore. She was always sick and really needs her sleep so it didn't work out well at all for her with the 6 hour sleep thing. At least now we have some nice suitcases and because she was the only one to score a 100% on her final test they gave her extra bags!

As for going to school at the same time it can be done but I believe it would be a lot less stressful if she would do the online thing with a light load at first until she feels comfortable with the job.