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I am currnetly getting ready to start my CFI.
I am wondering if i should leave my school(a big name) for a smaller school.
the reasons for that are mainly because the prices are going up again
(CFII will be done under pt141 instead of 61, like the ME, CFI,and MEI)
This school takes upon itself to raise the prices and adopt unflexible policies just because they offer a guaranteed interview w/ regional carriers.
On top of that, the instruction time will be longer( few students at this branch),
therefore the monthly pay will be lower.
I am willing to leave this school, (it would make me save 5-6000 $),
what makes me hesitate is that im almost guaranteed to be hired as a CFI in this school.If i go to another school, it won't be the same story.
What do u guys think?
NO they will not hire you. You only get hired if you do there Pilot Program course. I left DCA for ATP's to get my ME commercial Add-on, and then the Total CFI program. Personally I'm happy with the choice. Though i'm nervous about the initial not being in house like DCA.