Help, I locked myself out of my new chart case!


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I got a nice new chart case for Christmas (thanks Mom).

However when I was trying to set the combination for the lock I messed up somewhere and locked myself out of it. DOOPPHHH! Luckilly I didn't lock my keys or cell phone in there, but my charts and GOM are "safely" tucked inside.

Anybody have any sugestions?
That sucks.

I kinda locked myself out of the Beech 1900 one time in Boston in front of a lot of passengers, that was not fun.
You can take it to a luggage shop and they should be able to get in it for you. Otherwise take a flashlight and look down between the numbers, you'll have to pull the number to the side to look down in there. Turn the number until you see a notch instead of plain brass. Do this for all the numbers and it should open. I had a new bag once with a bum lock that kept sticking so it would reset the combo occasionally. A guy at a luggage shop opened it then told me how.
it's only 10,000 combinations. shouldn't take too long. if you think you know one or more of the numbers, start there, +- one or two on either side.

otherwise, i'd start at 555 and just try every number.

I've locked myself out of my briefcase trying to reset the combination more than once.
I started trying combinations and figured it out quickly. Thanks Guys.

Instead of my kid's birthday I now have a random combination.