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I'll keep this short and to the point.
I have not flown for a few years so during this time,not sure if and when I
would fly again I packed my things away{log book w/270+hrs and ppl/inst rating cert}.

Well,I've recently moved and doing this move I believe my log and cert were put out
with the stuff destined for the trash.

Now, here's my question, how do I go about getting my ppl back? And what in the
world am I to do about the time in the log if I decide to go for another rating such
as the comm? Do I have to start from scrach as far as thars concerned?
you can recreate your log book by a few means.

I assume you rented the airplane? go to the FBO where you rented, and get a print out of your account, the dates and times, along with acft should be easy to figure out.

buy a new logbook, and start over. keep the print out with you at ANY time you may need to justify the flight time. most reasonable people will understand.

If you lost your flight papers, contact the FAA at OKcity and you can have them send a new copy. may cost a few bucks.

Lost medical? just go get another one.

Always keep a back up. I keep my log on the computer, and use the written copy as the back up, I update the written log every few weeks.
When you talk to the FAA to get your new certificate ask them to also send the last 8710 form that you submitted. Remember that when you submitted the 8710(application for rating) you had to fill out all of those flight time blocks at the bottom of the page? That won't have all of your flight time but you'll accuratley know what your flight time was when you took your instrument ride so that you don't have a recreate everything back to day 1.