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HI Guys,
For the past 2 days not even one post in the ATP thread.
What is going on ?
It becomes second nature!

Remember two things: EVERYONE here has sat exactly where you are right now, and you will "get" it, with work.

I'm available in the office (for now), and I'll give you my cell # in that PM I just sent for questions.
Well, its tough but achievable.
I got some books from the public library too and it works perfect.
Plus the king video's.
So I guess its ok...
Hey Guys,

Sorry I've been away for a while. Now that I've been in ATP for about a month, I can tell you everything here is about SELF MOTIVATION. Not that the instructors aren't helpful or don't explain anything...but you really have to love flying and keep yourself motivated. Just like with the writtens. The instructors are here to explain what you don't understand or can't grasp...but otherwise everything else is very easily SELF TAUGHT! As Sig said...you WILL GET IT but you have to work at it. For some people...going to a place like Flightsafety or Comair is good because they need that "classroom" type of ground school. Here, groundschool is every night in MY apartment on MY time. If I don't get something, I ask an instructor the next day and I sit down with one until I DO get it. I definitely do not doubt my decision to attend ATP one bit! I have loved my time here and it just keeps getting better! I'm up to 30 hrs in the Seminole and 20 hrs of sim time.

The best thing so far is my instructor got us in to fly the F-16 simulator at Lackland AFB in San Antonio.
I got to see my tax dollars hard at work and got to spend them all over again. Talk about a SWEET experience...bet that's something you wouldn't get at most other schools. I've already been on cross countries overnight...with the hotel and rental car included at no cost to me! Also, I can say I've made some great friends down here!

Just my $.02.

Hi Sig,
Long time no hear

Wow, I see you are enjoying your self!
I cant wait!
My interviewer said to me not all get to do X/C with hotel and rental cars. Is it true?
Dont care about the rental car, but it sure will be nice to stay at a hotel at some destination

What is your current position?
Are you dont with you ME and Inst?
If you're having difficulty with the instrument stuff (and who doesn't) I can't recommend the Sporty's Instrument Videos highly enough.

They aren't just another "test prep" video course (although they do help with that very much). What they are designed to do is teach you the stuff you're going to be using IN THE AIRPLANE. I watched my videos (set of 7) six or seven times before beginning my training at Pan Am and it helped so, so much. It's like getting ground school from some of the best instructors in the country (including Richard Collins).

I think they cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 but the money they will save you in flight training will more than make up for it. If necessary, pitch in with some of your friends to get them but GET THEM. I promise you won't regret it.
It's true that every trip will not be an overnight. You may get a few through the ACPP program...but definitely not if you do the ASAP or other programs. I've heard of guys here staying in different cities. I've been told that when I get to the XC phase of the program to pack at least 3 days of clothes for EVERY trip b/c I may or may not get stuck somewhere. Dispatch is usually good about telling you where you're going and how long you'll be gone from what I've heard. I did my multi-private in 1 week with a total of 5 hrs in the plane...I've got the req'd hrs for the instrument rating, but I've got to wait to take my checkride. So basically I'm mostly shooting practice approaches in the seminole.

Hey Sig! THanks fpr the info bro!
I will be depositing the $1000 today so I guess im on the track

Good luck!