Hello, New here! :)


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Just wanted to say hello to everyone here on JC... let me introduce my self...

My name's Derek, 16 years old, senior in high school in the up coming year, from Toronto, Canada. Currently I have 23 hours in R22s and 2 hours in a B206 but i've just decided to switch over to Fixed Wing.

I've got my fan-flight booked for this up coming Saturday with Canadian Fliers at my local air strip - CNU8.

My short term goal is to complete the 25 hours needed for the RPL by late august, mid-term goal would be be complete my PPL by march of 09... Then maybe UND or Embry for aeronautical science or Ryerson for Aerospace Engineering while flying on the side to get my CPL, CFI, MEL ect... Ultimate goal is to one day fly for an major airliner like the many of you here :hiya:

Any tips, advice, info for a newbie pilot? am i making an horrible decision switching from Rotary to Fixed wing this late in the game? :banghead:

Thanks Guys!

*EDIT - Not sure is this is the right place to post this, Mods please move this to correct area if i posted wrong. Thanks :)


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Welcome! No advice to give really, just encouragement...if you love flying, you've got to go after it one way or another. (I wish I had known what I wanted to do at such a young age.)


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Flying has been pretty much what i've been aiming for since i was 3 and went on a tour of the grand canyon :) My dad works for Canadian helicopters so i guess i 'grew up' at the airport.


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Welcome! It's not late in the game. I've loved flying and airplanes as long as I can remember (and my mom said it was since I was 2 years old). AS long as you're following your passion, you'll be happy, no matter how early or late in the game you started (and 16 is not late at all)!


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Not really 'Late in the game' age wise, but i am bout $10000 into my rotary training.

oh well, i guess i just committed to Fixed Wing, just bought about $900 worth of study material and a used aviation headset off fellow member...

Anyone want to buy a Bose X-Heli?


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Any tips, advice, info for a newbie pilot? am i making an horrible decision switching from Rotary to Fixed wing this late in the game? :banghead:
Your making a good choice switching to fixed wing. Its generally not only cheaper but cooler in my opinion.:p

About your bose headset, why dont you just get a new cable with twin plugs from bose? Im not sure how much they are but its probably well worth it since you have one of the best headsets out there.

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If you had said 66, I'd say yes. But 16?!?!? Your future is wide open. Lot's of us around here are in their 30s and 40s just trying to find a way to an RJ.

Welcome and good luck with everything!


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Thanks guys.

Hmm, interesting av8or91... didn't know they made such a thing. Actually, that'll be the best of both worlds, i'll be able to fly with my dad in helos and still use it for fixed wing...

I just picked up a H10-13.4 tho... How are they?