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Hey Everyone. First let me introduce myself. My name is Jonathan Pridgeon and I am a Junior at Western Michigan University. I am in the College of Aviation and majoring in Aviation Flight Science. I just got my instrument rating this past December and have a little over 200 Flight hours, my next rating I am working on is my commercial and then Multi. My hobbies include being a big sports fan, hiking or other outdoor activities, and I am also on the Flight Team here at WMU.
Doug I just want to say your website is awesome. I found it about three years ago and have visited often since. I finally now gained the courage to join this forum. I am looking forward to meeting everyone on this forum. If you have any questions please reply back or pm me.

I'm at school over at U-M and John Herreshoff (another poster on this site) is also a junior at WMU, he was in the flying program there. PM one of us - we should hook up for lunch or something.
Hello Jonathan! Its nice to see you here. I don't post too often, but Im a junior in high-school from Holland, MI currently persuing my PPL at KBIV and would just like to say hello. How do you like WMU's program? I am planning on going there myself. Also, check your PMs. Welcome again!

Hey guys, thanks for the welcomes. Skibum not sure but i think i might have had class with John my freshman year, that would be great to have lunch sometime. Turbojet28, I love it here at WMU and the college of aviation. Like you I too got my private certificate before i came to Western and I think its smart that you are doing the same. If you would like a tour of the college of aviation let me know, i would be glad to show you around.
Heya dude,

Yeah, we did have AVS 120 together, probably 121 too. Might have had 122 even. I had the American dude, was his name Jeremy? I can't remember, it's been a little while. I don't remember a face with your name, but if you're a junior I'm sure we've run into each other. I'd say you might have been in AHP with me, but if you're on the flight team that would be a slim chance.

I'm actually out of the college of aviation completly now, largely because of this web site. Though I am REALLY impressed with what the new dean is doing with the program. I'm super glad he's here.

Welcome to the site dude, this is a great one.

Check your PM's.


John Herreshoff
Thanks everyone for the welcome also Dave not that i'm trying to suck up or anything but i love the Dornier 328jet, it is my favorite regional jet. Can you tell me what its like to fly? Also how often do you fly to Kalamazoo. My Flight Instructor used to be an Intern at ACA, his name is John Geeting. Do you recognize him? He loved being an intern their and hopefully wants to get hired but he said that might be for a while.
I'm actually out of the college of aviation completly now, largely because of this web site.

[/ QUOTE ] I hope it's not because you've been spending too much time on this site! hahahaha

Welcome into the forum clan skybronco - it doesn't take courage to post at all.. but if you enter the squawk box, you might need some! haha

Where is WMU located?

It was really because of all the emphasis that is placed on getting a backup degree...ok and yeah I do spend too much time on here

Western Michigan University if in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We're halfway between Chicago and Detroit, located right on I-94. The university has about 30,000 people here, and the town has about 200,00 I think?


John Herreshoff
ahh ok! just wanted to make sure we weren't getting you (and anyone else for that matter - on the site) into trouble.....by detering studying or getting a particular degree or what not...

Welcome Skybronco,
I'm a Michigander trapped in sunny Florida, workin' as a flight instructor. I got my private ticket at Owosso, Michigan. Ever been there? I've been to K-Zoo for the big airshow, neat place.