Helicopter Pilot in search o'work!


Just another CFI
Hey all, hoping someone here knows of a position, or knows someone who knows of a position for a commercial helicopter pilot.

I'm on contract right now flying in Washington State for the summer season, but as soon as this is done I would like to have another position in the chute.

300+ Hours TT, most of it R44 time. I hold my COM+Ins ticket and have a valid medical. Also, I have no aversion to OCONUS work. I have extensive experience all throughout asia, especially the Philippines. Anything that you can send my way - much appreciated.
Hey Buddy,

Are you willing to talk to a fellow Army guy looking to getting out after 12 years for civilian flight career?
NC Forestry just posted a helicopter opening. Typically, their posting are only open for two weeks, so hurry.