Heated runways


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Is it that cost prohibitive? I’m looking at the billions they are spending at ORD thinking some glycol lines under a few runways to keep the operation running smooth in the winter can’t put that big of a dent in the bottom line. Maybe it can.
DSM had a prototype of a mock up of a slab of heated runway last year. Not sure if it went any further.
Hmmm...Sounds like a pretty good use for geothermal.

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I wonder if something similar to the ammonia heat exchangers used on the trans alaska pipeline could be totally buried under the runway. Kind of self contained, but probably an environmental nightmare
Uneven heating and cooling is brutal on concrete......

Also the heating source (element) would have to be relatively close to the upper surface in order to be effective. This would GREATLY reduce the load bearing capacity of the surface.
All great points.
West Virginia University's PRT (little train system around campus) runs on concrete roadway and has a steam heating loop that keeps the tracks clear. It protects about 4 miles.
Can be expensive to build but they certainly aren't expensive to run.
On the contrary it's the exact opposite. It's not much of a primium when pouring a driveway to heat it. Energy costs to run are way too high though.
People up here that have it spend an extra $200 a month to keep snow/ice off their driveways with heated systems. Normal size 1 car garage driveways. No thanks.
What if we just heated airplane wheels?