Hearing problems?


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I can't remember what you call it but I have a ringing in one ear. And a slight hearing loss in one ear. I can pass the hearing test for a second class medical but just wondered if a person could still hold a first class medical if they had hearing aids or amplified head sets? I do realize that the test for hearing are the same for all classes. But are aids allowed?

What are your thoughts?


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I don't think there is a difference in hearing tests between second and first class. I don't think there is anything different concerning hearing aids or amplified headsets. If you can pass a second class you should be fine.


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I'm not sure about hearing aids, but I suspect you can get a first class with them, since you imply that you pass the hearing test without them.

-If you're an AOPA member check the web site. They have lots of medical information. If you're not a member, join.

-Check leftseat.com. They're trying to sell you their services but they also have a lot of good information if you are willing to dig for it.

-There might be older theads on this forum on this exact topic.

The ringing in your ears is called 'tinnitus'. It sucks, even after thirty years.

Best of luck with your medical.