Health Insurance to Cover Medical?


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Has anyone ever used their health insurance to cover the expenses of their medical? (Other than professional pilots) I got my first class in Charlotte and I couldn't find anyone in-network who did FAA medical exams.

Well, this being Florida there are WAY more FAA medical examiners around and I checked my health insurance and found a doctor who does first class exams. Under my insurance I'm entitled to one physical a year. Would this count?
Typically you cannot because you (probably) would be forced to claim the FAA examiner as your primary care physician, which sometimes can be a bad thing (see below). Otherwise, you may not be able to get a referral from your PCP to see the FAA examiner, since it is not relating to your continued medical care. Plus, even if you did get a referral, the doctor's office may code your visit in a way that your insurance will not cover it.

As for making your FAA examiner your regular doc, I think this was discussed on an earlier thread. If you go that route, as soon as you step into that guy's office, he is a representative of the FAA and is under the obligation to report any potentially disqualifying condition to the FAA medical branch. So say in a couple of years you develop some condition that will require a waiver to continue your medical cert - well, instead of having a grace period before your next "official" medical exam, now you're screwed, because the examiner will have to notify the FAA that you should be grounded.
Depends on your insurance...if you have an HMO then generally no. If you have an indemnity or point of service plan where you can see whatever doctor you want then you can probably get away with it as long as they accept your insurance.