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I talked to my old man, who flies the 757/767 about what headsets those guys are using. Is that Sennheiser an ANR version? He said that some guys have problems with a "buzz" type interference with the Sennheiser if the battery box was left in direct sunlight (like on the glareshield). I know that I'm not speaking from first-hand experience, but maybe it will give you a specific question to ask. Hope this helped some and good luck.
Thanks fro the input. Just curious what headset did your father use in the 767/757. I have heard some good things about the active noise reduction of the telex. I've had one CRJ CA tell me that he freaked out the first time he used it because he couldn't hear the jet engines. I want my ANR to be good but not that good.
He's a dinosaur--doesn't use ANR. I think he is still using a Telex like he always has. I guess he figures he's gone for about 30 years without ANR so why get it now. He's going deaf anyways! I have a Lightspeed 20XL and it freaked me out the first time I used it (I had previously used a DC 20-10). Like night and day. /ubbthreads/images/icons/cool.gif
Try the Telex ANR500 that's what I use.

By the way SKW200FO haven't I flown with you before? Your posts especially the ones about Sierra Academy, sound so familiar?
SKW200FO is no longer on the forums. He's in SLC now for upgrade training to Capt. He said he was making his last post, and left. /ubbthreads/images/icons/frown.gif
Great, I'll probably run into him at SLC or on the line.

ANGa10 do you work for SkyWest by any chance.
I wish I worked for Skywest! I just moved to SLC from DFW to attend Utah Valley State College in Provo. I'm doing the aviation science degree there. Actually, I'm doing most of the coursework online, but I'm going to do my flying at PVU with the college. I start on my instrument in a couple of weeks. I've got an application in at Delta to work on the ramp--I heard through the grapevine that they'd be hiring a small group. I still haven't heard anything from them though. I've been checking Skywest's website periodically for openings at SLC, but they don't appear to have any vacancies here. I'd love to work at either place to get the proverbial "foot in the door". My Dad is a DFW based 757/767 Capt. for Delta, so I've got a real desire to work for Delta or Skywest. So, you're on the RJ in SLC? Plan to stay at the regionals, or do you want to go to the majors? Have you had a chance to browse through all of the forums? There's really some good discussions that go on. Doug has really done a great job w/ the website--very informative, and lots of good people with interesting experiences. Anyways, welcome again to the forums! /ubbthreads/images/icons/cool.gif
Well it looks like you already have your foot in the door. Your dad is a 757/767 CPT in DFW. Yeah we don't have any vacancies at SLC because there are plenty of rumors running around that we might lose SLC to Comair or the other Delta WO's. Hopefully that doesn't happen.

I'm planning on making flying the RJ my career. It's great that your working on your college degree. I don't have mine and I'm not planning on getting one either. It is a pretty good site I was browsing through the Aviation humor section. I'm always up for a good laugh, except for the blonde jokes. Good Luck with your job search and instrument rating. Those NDB holds and approaches can be real tricky especially in the Utah terrain.
That's the first I've heard that ya'll might lose SLC to Comair. Yeah, I've heard about those NDB holds...I've got a good resource in my Dad. He still remembers all sorts of stuff that I know he hasn't used flying the big jets. I don't want to just ride on his coattails though if you know what I mean. I'm not complaining...but, I want to kind of make it on my own. Nevertheless, I'm sure it will help when it comes time for me to get on with a major.
Hey ANGa10 here's some good news for ya!

I just received an internal message today reminding all pilots to ensure our bids are what we really want. They usually do this before announcing classes, so maybe well be having some new hire classes this year after all. In addition to their two RJ Upgrade classes on 8/19 and 9/9.

They also supposedly have some other classes which are tentative. CRJ Classes 9/30, 10/21, 11/11, 12/02, and 12/30 EMB Upgrade 9/9 and 10/7. EMB New Hire 9/10, 10/09 and 11/05. Hopefully we'll be going back to our pre 9/11 hiring spree soon after we get all those poolies out of the water.

Probably won't be long til they start hiring new rampers and CSR's so get your resume ready.
Hey Liv,
Thanks for the heads up! No word from Delta yet, I'm not convinced that they won't be following in AMR's footsteps during the next few weeks-cutting back more. I'm looking into FedEx and UPS now-they have pretty attractive programs for students-and they're hiring pilots in a time when the other majors are falling apart. I do hope that Skywest gets back to pre-9/11 conditions. All those CRJ and EMB classes have me drooling-wishing I'd started this a few years ago! It's great to hear that not everybody is falling into Chap. 11. Do you think Skywest is going to touch any furloughees? I saw that Doug said something about furloughees getting basically hung out to dry until their company recalls them. /ubbthreads/images/icons/frown.gif Pretty screwed up...I'm becoming more and more attracted to aiming for a major freight carrier like FedEx or UPS. Not necessarily my "childhood dream", but those companies seem quite stable during rocky times. I always dreamed of flying the red, white, and blue of Delta, but you can't have everything. Maybe I'm just pessimistic!! Let's hope so. Well, thanks for the heads-up I really appreciate it. Maybe I'll be seeing ya' on the ramp!! Take care! /ubbthreads/images/icons/cool.gif
I can't really argue with that UPS and FEDEX are solid companies. Plus boxes don't complain as much as people do. You shouldn't have much problems with your cargo unless you're flying Goats for FEDEX.

I don't think SkyWest has a problems with hiring furloughed pilots. We have a United FO who used to work here as a CPT in the EMB. He gave up his seniority at United and is starting right at the bottom again as a CRJ FO with a low senority number. I think the ones that shy away from the furloughees are the wholly owned regionals ie. ASA and Comair.

In terms of all these bankruptcies I'm not all too worried. I think the regionals will still continue to grow. If United does file for bankruptcy, under restructuring they will surely find a way to undermine the scope clauses and then allow more utilization of the RJ's at the same time cutting back on main line operations. So far there are no changes to our RJ deliveries and training so that's probably what they will be doing, expanding the Express line. The only delay in our RJ deliveries was the Bombardier Strike. Its kind of sad that the regional sector is expanding at the cost of Majors but right now its the regionals that are keeping the airlines afloat. Hopefully things will turn around soon. I'm getting tired of Major airline pilots giving us dirty looks.

By the way I'll be moving over to the United Express line pretty soon. I'll be going out to Denver. I'm moving more and more towards the east coast!!

Good luck with your job search!!
More and more toward the east coast? /ubbthreads/images/icons/shocked.gif Yikes! I don't know what it will take for the big airlines to realize that the RJ is the ticket to profitable operations. They don't seem to realize that a 767 is not necessarily the best way to move 250 people from point A to point B (esp. when A and B are 500 miles from each other)! This has been well demostrated by Southwest...high density routes don't necessarily need high density aircraft. I personally think that domestic operations need to be point-to-point RJ's or 737's. The hub-and-spoke system was outdated 25 years ago. Use the big jets like the 75/76 for trans-continental LAX-JFK, etc. and for international transoceanic stuff. And maybe the 777 or other really big jet for high-density international stuff. But, Delta continues 777 and 767-400 service between cities like ATL and MCO so that they can maintain the hub-and-spoke system--why not use 5 RJ flights if 250 people want to go from ATL to MCO? /ubbthreads/images/icons/confused.gif
I think this is where we are more likely to be headed. UAL, AMR, and DAL with no airplanes, no flight crews, no mechanics, no everything. With the exception of a few airline executives making over 7 figures and a group of reservation agents making minimum wage.

Here's the scenario:
A customer in SLC needs to go to HKG. They call UAL and are given a quote $1900 one-way with a stop in SFO. United pays Skywest $200 to carry the passenger from SLC to SFO in an RJ. United then pays one of its Star Alliance partners $800 (Singapore Air or whom ever) to carry the passenger from SFO to HKG in a 747. UAL get's to keep the $900 left over. Which is pure profit due to very low overhead costs, no pilots, no mechanics, no rampers and etc.. .

That's why those union guys at the majors need to get off your butts and protect those contracts like your lives depended on it. . Even though I currently work for a non-union regional my dad is a former airline exec. He still kind of understands where the industry is headed and it doesn't look too good for any of the pilots that work at the big three. Especially if they file for bankruptcy and during their restructuring phase do a 180 on all union promises. They can find a way to legally do that under chapter 11. It looks like that is where they are headed with all these new airline alliances being formed.

By the way this is probably going to be my final post. I'll be moving over to DEN next week just as SKW200FO is probably moving into SLC. I wish you the best of luck in your training and I'll probably see you on the line sometime.

P.S. congratulations on your 100th post!!!!
Gone after only 10 posts...I see how ya' are! /ubbthreads/images/icons/frown.gif Well, only time will tell with the industry. I didn't know that Skywest pilots aren't "organized". Learn something new everyday! Well, good luck in DEN, I hope everything goes well over there. As for seeing you on the line...you can bet your tail!! I'll be waving at you from the right seat in a few years with some luck. Who knows, maybe I'll be in the same cockpit with ya'! Take care, and good luck!! /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif