Heading to Carson


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Just found out that I'm heading to Fort Carson this fall. Anyone been out there?
Doing what? I'm heading there for my second ALO tour. Was just up there last month. We're building a house in Falcon. What do you want to know?

Spent 4 years out there and met my wife. Loved being stationed there. Take time out to travel and see some of what Colorado has to offer. Pikes Peak, garden of the gods, 7 falls, caves, aspen, Breckinridge, gunnison, the red rocks...etc.

Wife wants to move back (not to the Springs but Denver).

Going there as a new 60 pilot with the 4th CAB. My wife and I are looking to rent a house, but we don't know anything about the area. Not sure if there are any specific areas we should be avoiding due to traffic, crime, etc.
Ok. My Sqdn is on the south side, next to 10th SFG. First thoughts are that Fountain (just outside the gate). Is just like any other post community. Kinda shady, but the price is right.

There's a lot of better areas up northwest-that's where all the new things are going. Downside is your commute can be 20+ minutes. We're building in Falcon. 30 min drive to the post, but 10 mins to everything there is to do.

If schools are a consideration then NW is where it's at.

PM me if you want more info in greater detail.
I did my IFS solo there in the mighty DA-20 Katana. So watch out for the little Tigers around KFCS and KPUB
was my first station back in 03' spent three weeks there then left for the box, came back for 10 months then back to the box, came back for 4 months then to the arm pit of bases, Ft. Hood.

Carson was great while I was there. The NW side of town is the nicer part of town and most expensive. Lots of outdoor things to do in the state. Enjoy as much as you can while based there. Downtown scene can get wild on the weekends with all the troops as usual around a base. The mall in town was pretty good. Lots of nice trails to explore behind cheyenne mountain, but becareful if your in a car though. Lots of ground hogs on the drive out to the airfield! makes for some fun times on the ranges though. Being in a hawk unit you may not spend much time on them! I think I went once!! The flying out there was great too, lots of fun places to land.

Its getting late and I have a flight to PLN in the morning but any more questions let me know.