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Whoa, I didnt know it was your birthday Doug! Congratulations or Im sorry, whichever one is more appropriate!
I know what its like to have a birthday around the holidays, kind of sucked when I was younger!


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Well, it's actually not that bad having a birthday around the holidays. Because I get to argue with people about when Thanksgiving is.

"It's the last thursday of the month!"

"No it's not!"

"Believe me, my birthday normally falls in that weekend and it's ALWAYS THE LAST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH

"Are you sure?"



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Nah, just relaxing at home!

[/ QUOTE ]

Usually how spend my birthdays!!!!!!!
It's great not to be bothered. Happy Birthday and when we finally meet I owe you a Starbucks LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Missed out on that! I treated myself to a venti nonfat latte this morning when I was taking my wife's car in to get washed.

Boy, whatta husband, eh?

33... Scary scary.