have you seen this twin


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there was this lady on ANIMAL PLANET who was flying greyhounds for adoption. i believe she was flying in the southwestern states, but she had a pretty cool twin i have never seen. it was a high wing twin, but the gear looked just like the gear from an average cessna RG (attached across the bottom of the fuselage using what looked like sprung steel main gear.)

anyone know what it might have been, or who saw the show and knows what i'm talking about?
If it's the same program I saw a few months back the airplane is a Partenavia, I'm not sure what the model name is though.
Hey you split my four posts in a row thing.

That plane looks like it goes fast. except for the small looking engines. The cabin looks roomy too.

yup, thats the plane. i thought it was a pretty sweet looking aircraft. i checked the website out and they even have a full glass nose kit for them. guess its for visibility in certain roles or missions.