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Is UND a hard school to get into? A lot of demand?
Was it easy for you? Lastly is Und a real challenging school, i've heard Embry ranks high as a hard school, that somewhat drove me away froim them.
thanks in advance.
Matt- As far as requirements goes for admission to UND you need a 2.25 GPA, and 18-20 on ACT score. However if you attended a community college, and have 24 semester hours, they do not require an ACT score. UND has a very good aerospace program, they have ties to a lot of regional carriers, and have a tendancy to hire graduates as flight instructors. I have attended ERAU, and I will be transfering to UND in the fall, and I feel that UND has a better program than ERAU. One more thing, you won't start flying right away, you will have to take non-flight avaition courses first, you need at least a 2.5 GPA to start flying.
Thanks, you helped a lot. I'm a juniour in high school and are looking at my options. So far I like UNd, I'm thinkinga bout taking a tour sometimes this summer to learn more about the school.
Matt- Yea definately check out the school, I did, and loved it. I took a trip up there last month, and was pretty impressed with the whole school. When you call them ask for an introductory flight.
There phone number is (800) call-und
To get into the aviation program and in order to actually start flying, I think you need a 22 or 23 on the ACT. Otherwise you can start in the spring after completing 12 credits.