Happy memorial day


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In honor of Memorial Day 2009, I'd like to thank our very brave servicemen and women both here on JC (and around the world) for their selflessness and patriotism. You have my heartfelt gratitude, today and always. :rawk:
Thank you to those still serving and thank you to those who have served!

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I know I enjoyed my time.

S.I.M.A. Pearl Harbor 89-92
USS Ranger (CV-61) '92-'93 (Final Cruise)
Thank you to all service men and women! :)

To all who are still serving, Thank you and God Bless you and keep you safe.
To our veterens, Thank you
To those who have paid the ultimate price, Thank you just doesn't seem to cut it, but thank you, and thanks to the Families and friends of those who gave it all! God Bless you all!
[FONT=ARIAL,]Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.
-Winstson Churchill, 20 April 1940

While this was said during WWII, the sentiment is actually timeless. Countless numbers of men and women have answered thier country's call to serve. Some gave the ultimate sacrifice, not for glory, not for fame, but so that others may live. To live in freedom and prosperity. It really puts things in perspective.