gyroplane flying and Heli training question


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Would knowledge and skills of flying a gyroplane transition positevely into flying a heli? In other words, would it make sense to learn how to fly a gyro before getting into helis?
im sure it wouldn't hurt... finding a two seat gryo plane to rent and a rated instructor would probably be harder than learning to fly a heli in the first place.
there a few gyro instructors with tandem gyros around the area so finding one would not be a problem. However once rated the only way to fly a gyro is to own one....
Well if you are needing any time, and money isn't the primary concern, a couple of lessons would add TT and might be a hoot. I wouldn't mind having a couple of hours gyroplane time in the TT column, same goes for several other things, but money and time is unfortunately a consideration. I think the gyroplane is like the PParachute, once rated or signed off as a sport pilot (not too sure how that works) you would pretty much have to buy one to fly it. So maybe a few flights would scratch the itch so to speak??