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I'm looking at the September FLYING magazine and I see an advertisement for the Gulfstream academy where it has some guy with 0 hours entering the academy then in a year it shows him with 250 total flying a B-1900D for continental Exprss. Then, 9 months later it shows him with almost 500 hours flying a RJ for Pinnacle. Sounds like an academy overloaded with B.S to me. Anyone know the REAL deal with Gulfstream academy?
I don't attend the academy or have no plans of going but I do know someone that did the program and was hired on with Pinnacle on the RJ with 500 hours or so TT. And to top that he was hired on his 19th b-day. The only thing that I don't understand is that I thought they closed the doors on that place. Even my friend that I talk to said that the academy was closing and this was a month or so ago.
They stopped giving primary flight instruction, but their rediculous PFT program is still running strong, thanks to an endless supply of idiots...
In general this company has one of the worst reps in the flying community, it comes up again and again on here.

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