Guides to help student understand ATC


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Looking for a guide to help students understand ATC. I looked on google and could not come up with anything.


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Beisde FAR/AIM, I use these few videos to get my students' interest. :)




Last 2 videos was aired on TLC few years back. You can see Delta still flying L1011 in the background.

These videos are just general idea for "what does ATC do?" If you like more details responses. I suggest you write it your own.

Mine are simple: 3 Ws

Who: Cessna 801FX

Current position and altitude, ie: 5 NM north of xxx airport, 4500 feet

What do you want:
would like practice ILS approachs, flight followings...etc


What day is it?
I am wondering what kind of help, like a a printed sheet of what they are saying or what? I have typed up my own ATC response type sheets and if you want them PM me your email address. They are for the Midwest but you can change it for your local.


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I've always written my own "scripts" for all the common interactions with ATC at the home airport.

If you do this though, please make sure to write proper phraseology in to the script. I've seen more than one of those things written by instructors who use less than ideal phraseology and it drives me nuts that they're passing on bad habits to their students.


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Take them on a tour of the tower, and the TRACON if you can arange it.

Actually meeting the faces behind those voices helps imensely.