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What do you guys know about these? What are the stall/spin characteristics of them? (I've heard the AA-1yankee is a nightmare). Also how are they for power can they truely get 4 people with full fuel?
Any thoughts, good, bad, indifferent from you JCers would be appreciated

Pretty bad at anything above sea level. DA performance just sucks, you'll feel bad trying to get out of somewhere with a 4000' DA even.

Fairly fast. Likely still the fastest production plane with that engine.
Funky fuel level gauges.
Fairly fast.
Touchy, more Mooney like handling.
Fairly fast.

Got a friend who has one. I wouldn't buy one unless you plan on just bringing one person along, and every now and then, like 10% of the time, someone will ride in back. Full fuel, 4 people if they are like 100lbs each I think

For the price, a 180HP 172, or Archer will be better. If you want to get close to filling up with fuel and people, and get out of a higher airport.