Ground School Crash Course?

I dont think crash courses stick with you very well. If your in a bind maybe, but i wouldnt make my plan to get all of my knowledge required in two days.
I agree with you... That's why I've referred to it in my post as an "exam review" course.

I used them for my PPL due to 9/11 and my newborn daughter taking me away from ground school for about 14 months. It was a great refresher and concentrated review and gave me the confidence to score high on my Private exam. This beat opening up all the books for an additional few weeks prior to the test.

I was just wondering if anyone else had any similar experience because I'm considering using them for a crash-course "review" the weekend prior to my instrument exam. I have already completed the ground school portion... just looking for that extra boost I guess...

Depends whats more imporant to you, time or money. Most of the guys I teach are young wippersnappers with little or no money and chose to study hard during free time and couldnt even entertain an extra "unneccessary" expense. On the other hand if you are someone who has a full time job that pays well, and with kids keepin ya tied up, and would rather spend your small amounts of free time with them i think it would be a good idea. Im sure as a Prep you would get your moneys worth.

Hope thats more helpful

PS. I am a big homestudier.
Hey everyone,

From what I've heard, if you want to pass the written, you'll do that with these courses, because all they do for two days is ask questions out of the book, and give tips to pass the test (i.e. if the word lift and weight are used in the same sentence, the answer will always be b). Personally, I would prefer going to a structured ground school where you actually learn and understand everything that you would ever possibly need and beyond (in addition to being able to pass your written).
A buddy of mine paid $199 for an Aviation Seminars weekend course and got a 97 on his private written. I paid $14 for the Gleim book, went through it twice and got a 98. Your mileage may vary.
Yeah... I've done a structured ground school course, so I definately wouldn't be using them for primary knowledge. Like I said earlier I was considering it for an intense "review" session.

I liked the test tips they gave me in my Private class, and thought it would be benificial again for the test tips alone. I just have a hard time "Gleiming it".

I do better studying in groups or at least having someone to quiz me. So I guess I should be asking if anyone in the DFW area is looking to take their Instrument written anytime soon and would like to pair up!?

I guess I don't really have to take it now either... I start ATP's ACPP on July 14th, and have been attempting to cram to get the tests out of the way prior to starting... it's not a requisite, but I believe that it would be very helpful so I wouldn't have the tests to worry about as well as training, flying, checkrides, and orals.

Here's one more side of the issue... I would be taking the test with no IFR experience except what was necessary for the PPL. Gotta love the foggles! So I'd be taking the test with no real-time point of reference.

My mileage will most likely vary!