Greetings from SIN


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God, is this place HOT! And forget that dry heat [stuff], it's a humid heat. In freaking February!

The airshow hasn't started yet, and there's already some interesting scoop going on. One of the things that's already been noticed is how Airbus is wining and dining some big time potential clients and new clients -- some of whom were all Boeing companies in the past. Boeing, on the other hand, isn't. Hey, it may keep the stockholders happy but it's sure as hell not smart for business.

But what the hell do I know.

Anyway, it's going to be hard to send too many updates and so on because they actually expect me to work. But I'll have a high speed connection at the booth and I'll try to post little tidbits from the show.

Unless Doug says, shut up, Tony, who cares what you think.



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SIN = Singapore
Besides, Tony said it was hot & clammy, yep, sounds like Singapore.

Hey Tony, they like it over there when you spit your gum on the streets, JUST KIDDING DUDE, you don't want a lashing.


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Dont go spray painting cars while you are there either
When I was there a few years back, an American teenager got done for it... wasn't pretty.

Enjoy SIN though, great place and one of the tidiest cities I've ever come across.

PS: Drinks on the 76th floor of the Westin Stanford!!


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Tony, how was the flight over? Please tell me your employer coughed up for Business Class for a trip that long ...

Keep the updates coming as you're able. Sorry we won't see you in SLC!!


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Tony, did you get on the A340-500??? If so you, could you please fill us in on all the details of the flight??

One of my options is to do that flight in April on the way to Australia, but the thing is it's like a 8 hour flight to Sydney after the 18/19 hour flight to Changi meaning I'd be flying for 26/27 I don't know if I will do it because of the time......but if their product far surpasses United and Qantas, then I'll seriously consider going on Singapore my question is, how would you compare them with other airlines???


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Hey Wang! Dude, it just snowed three feet here!!!! Just kidding.

I am bummed you are going to miss our little get together here, afterall you helped arrange the whole thing. Keep us updated on your time over there and we will tell you lies about the snow here. HA


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Enjoy Asian Aerospace on Tuesday and Wednesday, take some pics for us! Uh and don't leave out any details on a flight that long, tell us how it was.