Great Georgia Airshow (also)

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The Troop did a fundraiser at the airshow this weekend. Not only were the guys able to make a little cash, but they saw a pretty danged good show, too. Plus it got them another requirement toward the Aviation merit badge.

There were a lot of really good participants, but the clear crowd favorite was the jet truck.

Hornet getting ready to taxi

Mobile runway

Delta's 'Save the Tatas' 757

F-16 (thanks, Teller!)

Heritage fly-by

AeroShell T-6's

AH-1 Cobras

Berlin Airlift C-54

Ted's Challenger

The jet truck



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Where you with troop 201? I saw a few scout troops there, if I had known you were there I would of come by to say hello...


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Some buddies of mine flew into that show. The AF T-6. (Not the old radial engine T-6, but the new one. The Texan II).


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Had I not been sitting short-call reserve I could have gotten to ride the "Pink Plane" in the show. I don't know if I could have sat right seat but, I could have at least gotten on board.

I learned to fly at FFC in '91 at sixteen years old. I later instructed there. It would be freaking sweet if I could do a couple of flybys there in a 757.

BTW, I could hear the afterburners all day long Saturday and Sunday. I was pissed I wasn't there.


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It was a very good show indeed, I was glad that I was on fall break from college at the time. I got to go inside Ted's plane and talk to one of the pilots for a little while; it is a beautiful plane! The 757 was definitely a nice touch as well. Glad I was able to attend!



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Did the Delta DC-3 make it? That's a beautiful airplane.
That plane barely leaves the hanger anymore if at all. I did fly with a captain that did the restoration of it though. The reason why they asked him to do it was because he personally owned the largest stock pile of DC-3 spare parts in the world :panic:. He also owned a PBY Catalina that he used to bring the FFC Airshow.

From the Delta Heritage Museum site, "The Spirit of Delta is open for visitors on Wednesdays and Thursdays from noon to 2pm. Come check out the Museum’s progress in this unusual exhibition space. Inside you’ll find two new exhibits that explore the story of this important aircraft and Delta’s jet age since 1959. Objects on display include vintage uniforms, aircraft models, and memorabilia. In addition to Spirit tours, the Museum offers interior tours of the DC-3 on the second Tuesday of each month at noon."