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Very cool Pic.

By the way, for anyone in the seattle area who is interested, the concord is supposed to fly into BFI tommorow (the 5th) around 3PM to its new home at the museum of flight! ...kind of sad that this will probably be the last landing this bird will ever make, but a great chance for people like me who've never seen one in flight!
i am not particulerly a fan of the Concorde, but it is kinda sad in a way. I dont know where I heard this (and it may have been on this board), but what I keep thinking of is how this is the first time in human history that the FASTEST someone can travel publicly is actually SLOWER than it was in the past.....
Well the concorde to me represented the only chance for the (relative) average joe to experience supersonic flight and was from an era when the space program was more than growing frogs in space or putting up another cable tv satellite.

I remember back in the 1970's looking at jets like the Condcorde thinking that one that I'd be a captain of a sub-orbital hypersonic jet before I retired. However, innovation is pretty much solely driven by accountants so chances are, I'll probably retire as a DC-9 captain with a flat panel EFIS set-up flying in a 180-passenger configuration with some goofy paint scheme flying LAX to ATL or something.

I had another glint of hope with the techonology being engineered with the first fresh take on commercial aviation since the introduction of the turbojet engine with the Sonic Cruiser.

Nope, didn't stick.

Now we've got the 7E7 which is more or less a 757 with an improved drag characteristic, slightly different wings and a shark-fin tail that Boeing already said wouldn't reach the production line --->IF<--- the plane is going to be built at all.

Who would have thunk that one day we'd see mach .80 as high speed cruise?
However, innovation is pretty much solely driven by accountants

[/ QUOTE ]

You can say that again. The shame is, I think there is a real element of "build it and they will come" that is overlooked. The Concorde is 1960's technology. If someone were to produce a similar airframe, or maybe something like the 2707, with maybe a few modest improvements, and with a derivative of the military A/B turbofans that are available now, operating costs and ticket prices would get low enough (i.e. only halfway outrageous) that supersonic travel might win some more converts. All the while, the manufacturers and the airlines would be building experience and learning lessons.

Instead, we've got endless paper studies trying to come up with a no-boom, totally envrionmentally friendly design that goes Mach 5 and doesn't cost any more to fly than a 747, which is never going to happen at the rate the R&D is going now.
No doubt.

Sadly, it's starting to look like the year 2030 will be a lot like 2003 with bigger hard disk drives.
I remember a month ago when i went home to NY on Leave,

and i hear the sound of the Concorde taking off JFK( flying lower than Normal) Waking me and all the other Car's by our Cansarsie apartment( I think there's a Canarsie VOR near by)

every time i went home, the Concorde would wake me up in the morning, and I would jump out of bed; run to my room window and try an catch a glims of it. It was Beauty-ful
Wow, i didn't think 1 month ago was the last time I'd see the loud bird that woke me up Saturday mornings @ my Mothers Appartment Fly.

Hey Guys don't worry !!!

We have new bird Coming out soon, I mean we got the
Raptor, the F-34 and F-35

Hey.. the fastest bird we have that was retired acouple of years ago is the SR-71 made in the 1970's

It was too advanced for it's time.To advance for our time (cost wise)

P.s I heard we hade a 350 billion dollar defisite since My Commander in Chief has been President,

Geee i wonder where all that money went ????

P.s. was it a 100 billion dollar contract for the F-34 and like 45 billion for the F-35( Boeings Version )

and soon well spend like 87 billion( not to sure of the amount) to fix a war we started, Which we spent billions of dollars on the attacks we dished out ????

Why can't we just spend a billion or two Developing a suppersonic, Low cost Aircraft that can carry lot of people great distances. Is that Idea too much for the Gov to make realistic !!! We can Make stealth bomber and Soon Stealth Tankers but can make an cheap supersonic Airliner !! Bu hum bug !!!!
I honestly can't say I'm a big fan of the Concorde. Yes, it could go fast, and for it's time was quite a technological wonder. However, it has become outdated. Looking at it, the cockpit design reminds me of DC-4s and DC-6s. The cabin itself left sometime to be desired as well. Although a beauty to see departing at such high speed, with it's sleek body design, it just doesn't compare to other aircraft.

I have to say I love old airliners. I would give non-necessary organs to fly the 727, 707, DC-3/4/6, L1011, DC-9, etc., but I'm also anxious to fly an aircraft such as the B777-300, A340-500, B747-400, etc. I hope to see us move forward from a flight standpoint, but also forward from a comfort standpoint. Let's take advantage of the technologies available and build airliners that make us want to spend more time in them, not less.