graduating! woot!


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nope, guessing straight up general studies. AFAIK no CFI/II so no Comm. Av. degree. although i am just reading into the situation.

yep you got it. ran out of cash/financing, but fortunately had enough stuff done to get a degree of some sort anyway.

so peace out!


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I ended up graduating with a General Studies degree, which wasn't very bad, because it allowed me to take a variety of courses that actually interested me. A few aviation courses, lots of business courses, history and geography. The General Studies degree is not focused on a specific major, so when you go in for a job, you show them all the classes you have taken. I fly for a regional airline, and they didn't give a crap about what kind of degree I have when I got hired. There are quite a few guys here that have no college degree at all, most of them are Captains that have been here 8+ years and cannot move onto majors, because they do not have a college degree. They don't care what your major is, they want to see that you have invested your time and committed to something for 4 years. I know a Captain who has been here for 18 years, he is actually working on his degree right now online, because he wants to go to Delta.

Don't knock the General Studies degree graduates! Hell, I think it is almost better than a Commercial Aviation degree, which teaches you what? How to fly an airplane? That's great, but that are you going to do with that when you can't get a job flying, lose your medical, get furloughed? Just something to think about...


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A General Studies degree can also make it easier to obtain another BS/BA degree in something else since you already have the majority of prerequisites completed for a wide range of degree options.


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I was not knocking on him or anyone for having a "General studies" BA. I simply asked what his plans were post UND. (CFI? work? teach?)

Man, I have an A.A. in California State/University of California Transfer studies (knocked ALL of the Gen's for UC/CSU schools).

To Jace: Yeah about 2 more years worth of work for that degree, theres got to be lower and upper division requirments in addition successful completion of concentration courses.