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Well, I am finally done at FlightSafety. I started on July 1, 2002 in the Private Audit class and finished with a CIME and CFI on February 13, 2003. It has been a great adventure and now it is off to the job world to face reality. I have two more weeks in Orlando for a CFI-I, but that is just a small bump in the road.

Now, for the de-brief on FlightSafety. The journey was great and I am so happy I chose to come here. I do have one regeret though....I wish I had come here sooner! I am young, but wouldn't it have been great to be in the airlines by now. Oh well, the past is is just the past and I am moving on towards the next step to an airline job.

FlightSafety's training was unbelievable. I came with 120 hours and finished with 345. I learned more than I thought possible. I attribute this to two awesome instructors and the staff that works in the Academic Department. They are great people, educated, knowlegable, and have the experience to make your learning enjoyable. The folks at the Flight Line work their tails off to keep you flying and progressing through the syllabus. They are always there for the students if any concerns or problems arise and always find a quick solution.

The Admin Department is on top of things. They take care of the students and always look out for your best interest, even if it doesn't benefit the school.

Thanks to all the great people that made my training easy and sucessful. I have made some great friend here and I will miss you all. I am off to find a job and will keep everyone up to date. Good Luck to all and hurry up Chunk! See you soon in the right seat of an RJ!
Hey man, congrats! I'm only a few weeks behind you!

Have fun out there in the "real world"!


I bet it feels good to have it behind you!

Good luck with your future plans!
Great to hear! It is also reassuring that I have made the right choice in choosing to attend FSA in October.

Maybe I'll be your co-pilot one day