GPS Waypoint on Jepp Approach Charts


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I was taught that "Sensor Final Approach Fixes" are depicted on a chart as FF*** often to give a sequencing location to what would otherwise be known as a "Final Approach Point". Atleast thats what I am reading out of the King material...

What does it mean if it is marked with an FS***, as in FS13L on the Chico (California) VOR 13L Approach? Is there a difference?
The problem with the GPS units is they are not very smart. They cannot handle an approach where the navaid is on the field and the same fix is both the IAF and the MAP. To fix this problem, they just insert a fix about 4nm from the navaid (some are labeled for distance, others are not). By doing this the GPS is able to sequence from the IAF to the MAP after passing the 'made up' waypoint. I really don't know the significance of the FS vs the FF prefix.