GPS question


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I am looking into getting an inexpensive GPS for extra piece of mind on X-C flights. Anyone have any suggestions? (less $$ the better.) Also, I was looking at some base models from Magellan, Garmin, etc. with only built in antennas. Anyone with insight as to if these are suitable or do I need one with a detatchable antenna? Thanks.
I'm also looking, but have the advantage of borrowing some friends' GPS units. You do need a detachable antenna, at least I do in the 172 and Warrior I fly. The Garmin GPS 12 is cheap enough but the display is terrible. The Lowrance Airmap has a great display, but no real HSI screen. I am leaning towards the Garmin 195 which has everything-nice LCD, functional screens, great map, and remote antenna and yoke mount. Unfortunately, it's around $800 but after using a Garmin 12 on a trip, I'll wait until I can afford it.
I have a Garmin GPSIII Pilot that does the trick without an external antenna. I think it is useful because it goes right on the dashboard and you don't block your view of the heading indicator with a huge yoke mount. Even though the thing is tiny, I don't have a hard time reading the display in flight. Of course, if you can get the $$$, the nice new color Garmins are awesome!!!
when you buy a GPS you are paying the big$ for the database. all the airports and stuff. if that is not important to you (meaning you want to enter each waypoint manually, which will do you no good in an emergency) go buy one at SprallMart for 100, I have one from there that we use when we go geocaching <a target="_blank" href=></a>

otherwise I would suggest looking into buying a used one from someone. check the bullitin bds at the airport, or ebay.
Yep, If you are using it for piece of mind rather than actual "navigation" in the true pilot sense of the word, get a cheap one from Wallyworld or REI, etc for around $150. If you're getting one for pilot "navigation"; flying related info or approaches and want to input airport info, etc. than you need to spend a few more bucks at Sporty's. One without approaches..$500(has checkpoints/intersections/airports/runway info, etc.) but, one with approach info will cost ya $850+ (damn software). These are all B&amp;W/grayscale.