Does It Really Matter....?
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Just wondering if anyone has used any of the GPS training products on the market. I am training(IFR) in a newer 172 and it has a KLN94. I am having a heII of a time working with it. Has anyone used the ASA-GPS trainer. It is a tad spendy, but after my stg3 check, the chief pilot said I WILL know how to use it inside and out by the time my checkride comes about. Thanks in advance.
Get a copy of the kln94 users guide. It is actually VERY straightforward and easy to interpret. I bought one of the "aftermarket" books as well and it is much more confusing than the one from King.....You can download the users guide for free too
I've been using the KLN94 for a few years now and have actually found it to be pretty intuitive. Get and read the manuals and then get your FBO to let you sit in the airplane with a power cart plugged in and just play with it. You'll have it figured out before you know it!