GPS Approaches???


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Well I am doing a paper slash presentation on the future of GPS. How it will be used in the future, the degree of accuracy, precision approaches, how it will affect ATC etc.

Just wondering if any of you out there have ever done a research paper on this sort of thing and if you have any good web sites that were really helpful other than the basics?

I have done a few searches and came up with some info but the more detailed the better. Thanks...

Here is a link that may help you out. Do a search for WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System), it is going to be the next thing to make GPS navigation extrememly handy. When up and running it will add precision approach capability to almost all airports/airparks/and joe blows grass strip (if they have the lighting
). It will definitaly change the way things are done.
WAAS is up and running, but most GPS receivers (even IFR-certified ones) don't have the software to handle the vertical descent profile for a precision-esque approach. The system accuracy is there now; with unobstructed horizons, I've seen an estimated position error of only 7 feet with my handheld Garmin--certainly good enough for approach purposes.
Thanks for all the reply's I have a nice 10 page paper and 45 min presentation on this, so I better get to work.

Thanks for the links....