Got my PPL today!


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i finally made it through this step, my school kept rescheduling the checkride for over two months due to weather, even tough it wasnt pretty out today at KISP ( bkn 3500 , 15G20 winds) we had to go anyway and get it out of the way
the examiner was really cool and very easy going , he came to the classroom with coffee and a box of donuts ,after checking my logbook medical... he started asking me real easy questions about the AC , fuel and electrical systems ...
we probably stayed for like an hour then he asked me to preflight the plane , we started with a short field TO with a 50 feet obstcl then he put me under the hood ,made me track a VOR , then we did thr usual ppl maneuvers
it was really awesome , he told me i did a good job and congratulated me after we secured the airplane !
now im ready for the IFR and hopefully continue on to the atp!
Well done!! Sounds like it was a pretty painless process for you, minus the weather issues. I can only hope mine goes that smoothly.
thank you guys very much ! its indeed a huge accomplishement , it took me almost 2 years , now im ready to take on the next challenges, im gonna try to make it a bit faster this time :)
the checkride was actually much much easier than i thought
i wish everyone who is about to take it a very good luck , be confident and have faith on yourself and your abilities
thanks again very much :)