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Got a job as CFI with MAPD. Don't know when I start, but I've been hired.

Had the opprotunity to talk (interview with) chief pilot, and several students and instructors. Everyone seemed happy with the program. A lot of positive energy, at least that day.

The school has 11-12 A36Bonanzas and 2 Barons. They said the oldest aircraft was '91 model year Bonanza. The thing had 15,000 (thats right 15 thousand) hours on it and it's still running. All aircraft seem very well maintained, None of them showing the high time or the abuse of a training aircraft. Very nice King radio's, some even have TCAS. They seem to feel that a good mx program will provide them with airplanes that are available more often. (personally I like that)

Students are required to do most of the paperwork themselves as training for airline career. If you do a bad job, you get in trouble. None of the students I talked to felt it was difficult or too much to ask. Very High workload. If it were me, I would at least solo before entering the program.

Any other questions, please feel free to ask. I was there for one day, but learned quite a bit, I think.

Hey SIGman, what kind of total time, dual given time, and aircraft experience do you have? Did you go through a 141 program somewhere? How did you get your training? I have also looked into this possibility for myself, and I wondered what times they are hiring at for instructors.

I graduated from -Riddle/PRC last December and have been instructing at an FBO No. CA to build Dual Given time. I wanted to get some experience teaching before I jumped into 6+hrs per day. What I expected to take 3-4 months to get 100hrs turned into 8months.

Anyway check out

Don't know what your time frame is, but they just hired 4-5 instructors. (I think they only have 12-15 total)

Seems to me the ONLY problem with the job is that it's in Farmington.