Good Job Controllers!


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A few weeks ago I started a thread kind of blasting controllers for giving a pilot the dreaded number to call. Well, today I had a few controllers that did an AWESOME job and just thought I would give out a big thanks!

We had a mid morning departure today out of TUL, Tulsa, OK. There was a pretty nice line of storms right around the airport with heavy rain on the ground. As we were taxiing out the ground controller told us that as we approached the end of the runway 18L there was a runup area on the left side, and if we wanted we could turn around there to point the radar in the direction of departure to paint the storms and tell tower if we had any heading requests to avoid the weather. We did that and contacted tower with our desired right turn to 240. He cleared us for departure and recommended we keep the turn going to 270. Once we switched to departure they turned us even further (with no request of ours) to keep us out of the weather until we were handed off to Ft. Worth Center. We were able to stay on the NE heading from the approach controller and had a pretty smooth ride until we were on top at about FL280. It was almost like clockwork when the Center contoller cleared us in the proper direction (which happened to be SE) once we were around the line.

If there is anyone here that works those sectors, thanks for the great work!


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Did you get to talk to the lady that sounds like a sex phone operator? She is the best ATC around. Oh I miss her voice, now I only hear grumpy old people talk.


You mean Shennanigans?!?!
She always gets a chuckle with her good days. I don't understand how that woman seems to be happy 24/7! :D


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LOL I miss that, also in her sexy voice See YA.
I talk to her daily... Kee-Bek and Pah Pah are two others that she does... but the best is See Ya.

I've had students that have toured the facility there... two says hot, two says not. I'll have to go see for myself.

But she is also very friendly and will help out training traffic when they need it.