going to UND?


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I am going to graduate from high school in 2003 and i am very set on becoming a commercial pilot. i have read many Q's and A's that people have posted on the discussion boards which have been very helpfull. i plan on going to a Junior College for 2 years just to get the general stuff out of the way and then once i am done with that i would like to attend UND and get my Aeronautical science degree. I have a couple questions. would it be wise before i go to UND maybe during my Junior College years to go and take ground school, or maybe just obtain my PPL at a local FBO? I would also be interested if there is any pilots that fly commercially that went to UND that would be interested in e-mailing me and be willing to answer questions that i have just in general.

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Actually going to a junior college is a really good idea. However you have to get a copy of UND's catalog, and find out what general ed courses they require for their commercial flight program. Each degree program differs a little bit as far as math, and sciences goes. You will also need to have 2 years of high school foreign language, or 2 college semesters of a foreign language. Before you start taking classes at a junior college, take to a transfer counselor at UND, to make sure that the classes you are about to take will transfer to UND. If you want to get your private before you go off to UND that is fine to. When you get to UND with a PPL you will have to take an oral, and a flight test.