Going to be a dad


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Congrats. Don’t worry about the money, it will be the best spent/most fun you’ve had with it.
This. My kiddo is now at the age where he’s getting into sports,he’s on a club baseball team and while it’s quite expensive...watching him learning to play baseball and enjoying himself has been worth every penny

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Only thing I’d recommend is a quick baby class (I took mine at the same hospital that delivered). They go over basic stuff like swaddling, sleeping position, feeding, and basic healthcare. Other than that we were clueless and yet it still worked out.

Our first was a boy too, he’ll be your mini me. Enjoy the time. Time flies too fast!


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Congrats! I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but having that first child completely changes your outlook on life. It’s a gift, something to be so grateful for and as long as you keep that in the front of your mind all the hardships that come along will be handled better.


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First and middle name idea:
"Corey Navarius"

Also, remember to say, "okay Boomer" to him often while he is growing up. :)


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Congrats man! My kids are 9, 10, and 11 (going on 18). What I've learned so far is:

1) You will never know it all, don't try
2) Mistakes will be made, it's not a big deal
3) They're gong to hurt themselves, support but don't coddle
4) Lead by example, they'll emulate you, especially when you can't see it
5) Be honest, see #4
6) Show them you love them, it will be reciprocated in spades
a) Don't be afraid to be angry/disappointed/upset with them, see #5
7) You are also human, it's ok to be annoyed sometimes, you're not perfect, see #2

Enjoy the ride!