Going for tour tomorrow...Question.


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Hello all,

My friend and I are going to be going for DCA's tour at 1000 tomorrow. I remember someone talking about dressing up pretty nice when attending the tour. I was just Curious as to what most people wear to the tour. Thanks a lot!

As far as attire for the tour, I would say casual. Most of the tour takers are flown there non-rev, so they are required to dress nicely since they are non-revving, which is the policy of Delta and DCI. But since you are just driving I would play it safe with casual. I was there today and took a little tour bymyself, which was nice. I got a chance to not be rushed around. I guess since I'm starting next Thursday, i can look all i want. Oh wait till you see the CRJ sim, Ohh wee, it looks really sweet. I saw it for the first time today. I can't wait to get in that thing. It's not a level "d", but close enough!
Well today I toured the facilities, and was very impressed. The people that I was able to talk to were very nice and gave me straight answers. I got a quick glance at the CRJ sim and cant wait to start doing that part of training (if everything goes as planned). I am pretty anciouse in general to get out there and start, but have to wait a whole year before I can leave Embry-Riddle...Thats a long time!! I really wish that I had recieved all of my training thru a academy, as the training seems very standardized. I am mostly amazed with how fast they can turn 0 time pilots to full fledged flight instructors in one year. Its pretty weird knowing that the zero time pilot that was taking the tour with my friend and I, very possibly could be my future instructor for my CFI training. Anyways, H46Bubba keep us all updated on how your training is going, I would appreciate it and good luck to you!