going for multi at ATP


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Hello all,
I'm going to get my multi at ATP in Manassas Dec 19th!! I can't wait!! I'm then going back for the ASAP time building program the 29th and then go back Jan 16th for my CFII/MEI.

I'll be sure and let you guys know how it all goes. So far ATP has been great in sending me all the proper study material. I have read the Seminole Supplement many times and hope to have it all down by the time I start my training.
I did the 10hr Commercial multi last August, be sure to have the procedures memorized before you go. This will make life much easier for you. Good luck with your training!
Do yourself a favor and go buy the Information Manuel for the Seminole. I did the private ME through ATP and they just gave me the suppliment. The examiner I had asked me a lot of stuff that wasn't in the suppliment.
Good advice...actually ATP already sent me a Seminole POH. I believe it's because I enrolled in the ASAP program as well.
I recommend buying and having a copy of the POH on hand for any checkride, ATP or otherwise...
In the worst case scenario, you should always have the one that belongs to the plane, no matter where you do your checkride.

I don't believe ATP meant for the supplement to take the place of the POH, especially for a checkride. It is meant to get the students prepared by giving them a much easier to read and condensed format of basic systems, V-speeds, and maneuvers.

That's my take anyway... It looks like they send you a POH if you sign up for the Total Instructor Course, the ASAP-35, the Commercial Pilot Course, and the Career Pilot Course.

Yes, they do. I just got my 40 pound box 'a choc'lates, and I was pleasantly surprised to find one in there.
What a mountain of books!