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Hey all,

After all of the great encouragement I've gotten through these discussion groups, I've finally started on my path to being a professional pilot.

I'm 29 and I've wanted to fly since I was 16, but I was always told that you had to be in the military to be a pilot, and my vision is 20/50 so I didn't have a chance. Now I'm a software engineer and I'm putting in all of extra time into flying. I'm 30 hours into getting my PPL and am loving it!

I'm wondering if anyone in the Orange County area knows of any clubs that I can join once I get my license to get more hours? I'm flying at Corona right now but would like to find somewhere closer to South Orange County.

I agree with Mamie, I mean Jonny B.
Flying in and out of SNA is great fun. If you can handle it when it is busy you can fly into any airport. You might think that you will spend forever on the ground at a busy airport like that but it is not too bad, I have only had one problem which was because the FedEx 310 broke down on the taxiway, it blocked me and about half a dozen airliners from the runway and the terminal.
Ok, SNA sounds good to get some more hours. The cost is crazy there though. Does anyone live in the area and have an interest in sharing some time in a 152/172? I just passed my private checkride last week and am ready to pound on some hours!
Originally posted by TT:
I'm flying at Corona right now
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">Did somebody say Corona? A Corona sure sounds good right about now.
TT, I am sure when you start flying out of SNA you will meet plenty of people who will be happy to share time with you.
Iain,,,,,,,HA HA HA HA AHA AHHA AHHAH A AH AHHAHAHAH HAAHA HA HA HA!!!! I had to take a double take at the screen! That was a good one you bloody comedian. How's it going there on the isle anyway? Let me know,,,,see ya!

I just had to mention that, that whole flight was incredible fun!! Ed's student pilot immatation still cracks me up, and him being able to tear drop onto 1L was a great way to end.
All is well over here, it is starting to warm up which is nice, however there is still not much to do in the little town I live in.
I will be out in Socal in 2 weeks, I might see you down at OCFC as Ed will be taking me flying a numerous times! I will probably start flying out of OCFC too in Dec as I will be due for a BFR so I will do that and a check out all at the same time. I might even do it in June when I am out depending if I can talk daddy into it, and how much I like the Katana!
Cool, let me know and I'll do your BFR for ya. The Katana's are a nice change from the average trainer, i.e. 130KTS cruise. Hope to see ya around Mammy!

Ah, the katana. Why are you using that for a BFR? looks like there's hardly room for 1 person in those, albeit the visibility looks like it'd be awesome.
I am planning on sharing a lot of time with a friends so I have to get checked out a new school, and in this airplane (he likes it).
Jonny - I have a few questions for you:

How long do you think it will take for a BFR (ground and flight)?

Would it take any less just for a check out?

Whats the going rate for the Katana?

And what is the going rate for a CFI?

I think I might even get checked out this time over as it would be great fun to fly places with Ed, and he flies there I fly back type of thing.
I didn't know we had such a large SNA crowd here. Small world. Also, I remember that at OCFC you could schedual flights via their website at www.oc-fc.com but the website isn't up anymore. Anyone know if the site moved?

It's been a while since I've been here. The new site for OCFC is www.ocflightcenter.com . Iain, to answer your questions (about a month late!):

1. Katana: $71.50/hr
2. Instructor: $43.something/hr (I think)
3. BFR= 1/hr ground and 1/hr flight if your
current and know SNA/Terminal area procedures.
4. The checkout is easy,,,, easy airplane to fly.

I got a corporate flying job so I won't be there in June (at least not full time, maybe part-time though). Hope to see ya around soon and let me know if you have any questions. If you have questions send a private message because I get an email when you do. I haven’t had time to keep up with things on the site here. Take care.

Yeah I heard that you got a job at WCC (it was on CNN). Congrats!!! I guess you are flying the King Air, am I right? I guess I will do my BFR with whoever is available! Ed took my flying in the Katana, and boy that was fun! We went screaming down the coast at 140!!!! My only complaint is the stick is in kind of an inconvient place, but I after a quick re-organize that will not bother me!
Well dude, see ya around!