Going for CFI ratings only


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Has anyone here gone to FSI for their instructor ratings only? I am nearing the completion of my commercial training and have about 300 hours SEL time. I will probably do the multi rating at an FBO (half the FSI price).

From the website it looks like there are 141 programs available for the CFI and CFII and that MEI is part 61. Is there any hiring preference given to pilots that have gone through the whole Professional Pilot program vs. just the instructor programs?

It seems that FSA instructors tend to build multi time relatively fast, which is a big factor for me considering them. Does anyone have any comments or advice?
I came in with CSEL and added on my multi and then did the CFI. So far, I have seen no signs of being at a disadvantage over the 0 time starters. If you're a good pilot, a hard worker, and can adapt readily, you should be fine.

It dosn't matter when and where you come in at. You will be given the same treatment as the ab initio pilots.

The thing I see most guys on this site miss is the fact that FSA standardization is no piece of cake. Getting through the interview is one thing but passing stand class is not guaranteed. This is where the instructors are separated from the "want-a-be's". Solid performace and teaching skill is a must.