Going Around the World - VIIIth and Last Part

ATC RET 2003

No More Vectors

Queenstown (NZ) ATCT

Queenstown airport, town and lake during departure procedure. We did two climbing 360's before going on course

Someone departing Nadi, Fiji. Not visible in the photo is a large glass of Fiji Bitter next to my left elbow

Nadi. I suppose it's the old control tower

The ride back to Auckland

Perhaps the current Nadi control tower

A non-flightless kiwi. This was our ride to Honolulu

Hickam AFB, final to HNL

The tower and control facility at HNL

View from the walk to the departure gate

The ride to ORD

Aloha, Waikiki and Diamond Head

A pair at O'hare

The Windy City, early a.m.

The other final, ATL... back where it all began

The trip by the numbers:

61 - total days traveling

36 - individual flight segments

31 - different airports

11 - different airlines, not counting subsidiaries

12 - different types of aircraft, not counting different models/series

140 - equivalent number of pieces of checked baggage

0 - pieces of lost/misdirected/delayed luggage

1 - complete lap around the planet


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Thanks for sharing the pics, they're awesome! So..... What was your favorite place/part of the trip?


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I probably missed something...what was the reason for doing this trip? Great pics though!

ATC RET 2003

No More Vectors
I probably missed something...what was the reason for doing this trip? Great pics though!
It was to celebrate my wife's retirement after 25 years of ATC. We originally were going to just go to Australia and New Zealand, but decided to expand it a little.

It sure beats vectoring.


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This has been a very cool trip that you have updated us on and makes me want to do something similar in the future!
You gotta get out of those pampers first!...boy

Im sorry I couldn't resist, if I ever see you on the street I'll buy you something nice to make up for it.