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Im towing Gliders this fall for some side work to fill in holes around instucting and scenic flights. The best part is I get to go on some glider flights now and then. More fun than any other flying I have ever done. I have decided that despite the time not being as great a logbook filler (in terms of working for an airline) Im still going to get my commercial glider add-on this winter. It is too much fun and I can already see that it will greatly improve my flying... I still get to build high performance airplane time when I tow.


AH, The "Joy of Soaring".

I've dabbled with powered flight (propeller in the front and on top) for 3 decades. Never knew what I was missing until discovering sailplanes (sans propeller).

It is indeed a very serene experience (just follow the raptors), until landing. It will definitely sharpen your skills, because there are no go-arounds!

Sounds like a good deal. I'm planning on getting a glider rating here in the forseeable future, probably in about 2 months after I build some more power time. It definately looks like a lot of fun and a great way for me to build time toward my commericial.

How long have your glider flights lasted typically? I'm always surprised at how long those things can stay in the air.
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Yeah I was suprised how hard it was. I don't understand why you only have to be 14 to solo gliders but 16 to solo powered. I think powered is much easier. Oh well the FAA doesn't care what I think.